Now, Now
St. Vincent - Marry Me


now, now || st. vincent

i’m not your mother’s favorite dog
i’m not the carpet you walk on
i’m not one small atomic bomb
i’m not anything at all

Wow scully looks so good this episode
Me literally every episode (via lordvanquisher)


Get To Know Me • one/five singers • Jenny Lewis

"Things you don’t say reach me somehow anyway."

  • cute boy tells me i'm pretty: lmao i know are u jealous
  • cute girl tells me i'm pretty: [stumbles backwards] ....... dear god...... i.... how could this happen......


Annie Clark of St. Vincent

Carrie Brownstein on  the cover of BUST magazine

Carrie Brownstein on  the cover of BUST magazine


"That will include, snack, music, and jewelry areas."

(inspired by x)